We bought our first goats for brush control  And they have done an exception job!  We frequently sell goats for brush control and have had positive responses from the new owners.

Michelle from BRC Boer goats http://www.brcboers.com/ suggests 8-10 adult animals per acre for one season brush clearing for dense brush(blackberries, vine maple, buck brush, weeds, wild cherry, heavy poison oak or sumac). 4-6 animals per acre for one season brush clearing in developed timber with light brush.

This is a picture of Richard and Sandy's Boer Goats hard at work mowing down blackberries and other brush on our neighbors property.  After seeing what the goats did with our brush problem, they asked to have a few come over for an extended visit!
Boer Goats are great
for brush control
Quality coming & going
We test regularly.  All our animals have tested negative for CL, CAE and Johne's.