Bill is our Pit Bull cuddly bundle of love
who is reasonably sure he is a lap dog.

He spends time with us, our grandchildren
and his best friend  (our granddog) Sassy.
My Mom loves to take my Christmas pictures.We We try all sorts of different poses.I always enjoy posing with something that is fun to snuggle withI like to give her the innocent look so she won't know that I plan to chew the teddy bears nose off later.BBut I have to be very alert, because sometimes Mom knows what I am thinking.But the ultra innocent look usually gets me out of any trouble I might get into.
Christmas 2009
yes - he really is that sweet
My philosophy on life is that you really need to enrich your mind.  Reading works for me.Of course there is work to be done, but that's what we have humans around for.And, of course, if you get too tired for reading, its probably time to take a nap.
Relaxing 2010 - nobody enjoys a good read more than Bill does.
Christmas 2008
Bill & Richard - Richard enjoyed this - Bill tolerated this.
Christmas pictures are always funespecially if especially if you bring a friendbut then you have to decide who to leave in the pictureandand who should be with whoand sometimes the whole thing just tires a guy out!

Seth & Wyatt posing for their Christmas picture with Bill & Sassy.

Jamie & the boys
Quality coming & going
We test regularly.  All our animals have tested negative for CL, CAE and Johne's.