and we are willing to consider reasonable offers
We test regularly.  All our animals have tested negative for CL, CAE and Johne's.
And now the stands are available with a ramp!!
Quickly and easily attaches or detaches!
Tengo un chivo de carne en venta
live meat goat for sale
(when available)
Fullblood registered proven, kidded does for meat production selling for $350 and up, depending on the individual doe. 
They will be for sale after the kids are weaned.

Wethers will be priced at $175.00 at weaning and will go up after weaning.

Quality coming & going
We test regularly for CL and CAE

WE HAVE SEMEN FOR SALE - In person pick up only
See the Semen/Reference Sire page
This page was last updated: March 25, 2016
FOR SALE $500.00

We never thought we would sell our precious RNSH Tarzina.  But when you find the perfect home for a great doe, she just needs to go there.  Tarzina actually chose Taryn, the minute Taryn walked in the stall, Tarzina put her head in Taryn's arms.  Taryn, Annette and Paul purchased Tarzina.
Taryn is an incredible hand with all animals, and Tarzina just loves her!  Tarzina nuzzles and nibbles on Taryn's hair, begging for more attention!

For further information about Tarzina 
RNSH Hannah, Hoss & Sauce

Out of Shady Shamrock RNSH Michelle.  To see further information  about Michelle

By RNSH Hot Stuff.  To see further information about Hot Stuff

Has a lucky little goat
ever gone to a
better home?

I think this rates a 10
out of 10
possible points!
Taryn and Hoss getting ready for a nap.  January 19, 2014.Snuggles before nap time.  January 19, 2014.Nap time.  January 2014Snuggles and a nap.  Taryn and Hoss, January 2014.If you're gonna play in the house, you gotta have a diaper on!No little goat has ever got more snuggles, kisses and attention than Hoss! Hoss - Mr. Personality Plus!Who is the boss  of this couch!Sometimes it is just best to make friends and relax.Am I supposed to be up here?
RNSH Charlie Camo ABGA # 10656210
Born May 21, 2014
Look at the color in this pedigree: 

RNSH Charlie Camo with Mom (Leaning Tree MJ. Scarlet B43 (10567675) and Sister RNSH CAMO DAISY (10656211)
LLBG MR LEAGUE X090 (10421690) owned by
Danette and Joe of Kindlehope Farm
RNSH Camo Charlie
FOR SALE RNSH Dinky Design $425.00
She weighed 5.11 pounds at birth.  At 4 months 10 days old, Dinky weighed 73 pounds.
Sire:  RNSH Designer
Click here to see more about RNSH Designer
Dam: RNSH Cherub
For more information about Cherub click here

RNSH Cherub DOB:  3/8/2011
RNSH Ruby DOB: 11/27/2012
FOR SALE  $400.00
De Leon Farms C.M. Bella 10637802
DOB:  1/5/2014

De Leon Farms C.M. Bella

September 27, 2014

9 months old
Gregory showing Cherub - July 2014
Sold to
Carla Bunkelman

Thank you!
DOB:  3/28/2015)

RNSH Cherub
By RNSH Mr. Rich *Ennobled*
Ruby at the Big Top Show 2014
Sold to
Kaylin Mackin

Thank you Kaylin
FOR SALE - RNSH Chateau Merlot
Out of Leaning Tree MJ. Scarlet B43 10567675 and by Run Merlot 10575244
Born April 29, 2013

RNSH Lila and RNSH Morgianna
DOB: 4/8/2015
Sire: RNSH Mr. Rich **ENNOBLED** (10490335)
Dam: Leaning Tree MJ. Scarlet B43 (10567675)
Sold To
Jolaine Davis

Thank you Jolaine
RNSH Designer  $1,900.00
Designer has shown well his first year in the show ring.  Out of four show sites, he took a grand or a reserve at three.
Out of RNSH Heart, for more information about RNSH Heart
By AABG NBD Grand Design **Ennobled** 10466776, click here for more information about Grand Desig
Click here to see more about RNSH Designer
RNSH Eight Monster Designs
DOB: 3/28/2015
By: RNSH Designer Click here for more information about Designer
Out of:  Lynx Hollow Z-01 **ENNOBLED**  Click here for more information about One-Derful

FOR SALE $500.00
RNSH Handsome Mike
Sired by RNSH Hot N Handsome, a RRD Smokin Hot ** Ennobled** grandson,
Out of RNSH Princess Two, who has 50 ABGA Ennoblement points
Robyn Everett and family
RNSH Heza Handsome Prince at 5 months old (2nd place in a large class!)  Shown by Patti Butler.
Sired by RNSH Hot N Handsome, a RRD Smokin Hot ** Ennobled** grandson,
Out of RNSH Princess Two, who has 50 ABGA Ennoblement points

Emily George
G-2 Boers
RNSH Rich B. Itch
Out of Lynx Hollow E. Yin and by RNSH Mr. Rich
Born March 27, 2012
This is one of my favorite does!  She is flashy and has spunk and loves to show off in the ring! Standing behind our very own Lynx Hollow Z-01.

RNSH Two Cute

Out of RNSH Two Rich (71 ABGA Ennoblement points) and By RRD X71 Direct Deposit **Ennobled**

Born March 6, 2014

Out of RNSH Two Rich Two and By RRD X71 Direct Deposit **ENNOBLED**
RNSH Two's Little Bit
Born March 6, 2014
Little Bit was only shown once in 2014 at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup Washington.  She took 2nd out of a class of 16!
Thank you
Stacey Rumgay
Thank you
Stacey Rumgay
Thank you
Stacey Rumgay
Thank you
Stacey Rumgay
A little about Stacey Rumgay,  Western Horizon Ranch,
I have been raising goats now for over 12 years and enjoy every minute of it! I have mainly percentage does and this was a great opportunity to purchase such high quality Full Blood does to replace my aging percentage girls. Itch, Dinky and Two's Little Bit will do just that. I just love them. You and Richard raise the best quality genetics in the Northwest and are a real asset to the Boer Goat Industry. We are very blessed to have you here in the Northwest!

Lori Ann David, Aurora Farms, 652 No2 Schoolhouse Road, Friday Harbor WA 98250
call first 360-378-0233

Aurora Farms is a polyculture farm on beautiful San Juan Island WA raising registered Katahdin sheep for breeding stock and organic grass-grazed lamb; raising registered Boer goats for breeding stock and organic grass-grazed goat and cured mochetta; visit us and learn about farming, rotational and multi-species grazing, pasture-raised poultry, compost-making, and more; experience the "art" in  AgRiculTure! visit us on Facebook "Aurora Farms" to keep up with what we are doing-our website coming online soon is or Facebook at

Thank you
Joyce and Kaarina Scolari

Lori Ann David
Aurora Farms
Lori Ann David
Aurora Farms
Lori Ann David
Aurora Farms
A little about Taryn and Calvary Boer Goats

What a delightful experience it has been to sell Tarzna and these three siblings to an exceptionally talented new breeder. 

Taryn started out owning and showing chickens and rabbits, then went on to purchase her first goat, RNSH Tarzina.  Life was offering challenges for the young teenager at the time, and Tarzina (who had just kidded) walked up and put her head in Taryn's arms the minute Taryn walked into the stall.  It was love at first sight and Annette (Mom), Paul (Stepdad), Richard and I knew it was a perfect match.  Tarzina is no longer a youngster and perhaps most of her show days are over, but she still has that majestic attitude that makes her love being in the ring.  Taryn continues to show her and Tarzina is tall, square and proud each time she is shown by the now expert showman.

Taryn and Annette happened to be here the day Hoss was born. He was a triplet, so we were looking for a bottle baby home.  I'm not sure who fell hardest, Taryn or Annette, but again, it was love at first sight and little Hoss went home with them.  How heartwarming it is to see this level of care for an animal.

Later Taryn needed a market wether, and she purchased RNSH Hot Sauce.  He did well for her in the show ring and made Champion at the Thurston County Fair.

It was obvious that Taryn needed a show doe.  RNSH Hot Hannah was available and Cary Heyward from Lynx Hollow Boer Goat Farm was effective in making sure that Hannah ended up on the lead held by Taryn.

This is where the real magic begins.  Taryn started out just loving animals in general.  She has natural ability and a passion for showing.  In an unbelievably short time, through hard work, study and practice, Taryn has become a premier herdsman, trainer, groomer and showman.  Taryn and Hannah have a connection in the ring that you seldom see.  In fact, Hannah does not handle as well for anyone else as she does for Taryn.  Hannah knows who is supposed to be on the end of her lead!

Taryn has a bright future not only with Boer Goats, but with life in general and we wish her our best on her delightful journey!

RNSH Broadway B. Itch
DOB:  December 24, 2015

Sire:  AABG NBD Broadway Joe (10608445) DASH Acres Boer Goats

Dam: RNSH Rich B. Itch (10468036) click here for more information
Lori Ann David
Aurora Farms
RNSH Hot Sauce
RNSH Hot Hoss
Lori Ann David
Aurora Farms
Thank you Jolaine Davis and family.
First show April Fools 2014

Thank you Taryn
Tarzina is
a very
lucky doe!

Tarzina and Taryn
winning at the
Thurston County Fair

RNSH Hot Hannah - she's a rock star!!
84 ABGA points as of July 2015!!

DOB: 1/16/2014

Sire: RNSH Pretty Hot Stuff (10576124)

Dam:  Shady Shamrock RNSH Michelle

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
A little more about Kaylin and the girls:
The girls are doing great! I absolutely adore them!! I love going out in the field and they come jogging out behind me like big goofy dogs :)... They are good, so far, about sticking close to home which I am happy about. Not all my fence is goat/sheep safe when I am out in the horse pasture they love to go out and explore (as long as I am near). They go everywhere I go ...and if they see me headed back to the barn they goat gallop back before me hahaha makes me laugh every time!!.. Hope(Ruby) has become such an affectionate girl. She will come up  and lift her face to me like she wants a kiss on the nose...and both LOVE to have their backs scratched. They are starting to settle in with the sheep...however, they still tend to bully them when in close quarters ;)
RNSH (10684893)
The plan was for the name to be RNSH Reilsing Design,but Sandy messed up the ABGA paperwork!

Born March 22, 2015

By RNSH Designer and Out of RNSH Chateau's Merlot


Scott and Jo Weller
Thank you Scott and Jo Weller, what a great family to send this beautiful doeling to.  We hope to see her in future shows.
Thank you Shirley Hasbrouck for purchasing our red doeling out of RNSH Opan and by RNSH Designer, born 5/28/2015. 
We know she will have a great home at Hasbrouck Farm!
  Sold at weaning $350.00
Out of RNSH Coaco's Pretty Pistol by RNSH Designer.
He was born May 27, 2015 and is 3 months old in this picture.

For Sale $450.00 - SOLD 11/7/2015
Thank you Randy and Megan Corn
By RNSH Designer and out of RNSH Opal
DOB: 4/28/2015
6 months old
Thank you
Randy & Megan Corn
We can't wait to see this boy grow up and be a great sire for your herd!
Thank you
Tanya Simons at Dreamin' Acres. 
Tanya raises rabbits that compete very well on a national level!
For Sale $975.00

Leaning Tree MJ. Scarlet (10567675)

Should kid between February 17, 2016 and March 9, 2016.  Bred to RNSH Designer

Pictured with kids from 2014.  Last year she had 3 red doelings.

For more information about Scarlet click here           For more information about RNSH Designer click here
Paint Buckling DEZ
Sired by RNSH Designer,
Out of RNSH Princess Two, who has 50 ABGA Ennoblement points

Emily George
G-2 Boers
Thank you
Emily George
G-2 Boers
Patti Butler
Chateau's Bourbon Design (10684629) ($700.00)
DOB: 3/22/2015
Sire:  RNSH Designer
Click here for more information about Designer
Dam:  RNSH Chateau Merlot
Click here for more information about Chateau

Sold to Terry Tramel, Canby OR

Thank you Terry, we know you will enjoy owning this great buck the progeny he will produce.  He will have a wonderful life with your herd of beautiful does!