Blue Fields Farm, Dorothy Harry,

Queen Annes Lace - Shearing and Hoof Trimming

Redneck Boer Goats, Suzanne & Duane Rogers

Kindle Hope Farm, Danette

Eagle Scream Boer Goats, David &  Ruth Conner

Foothills Boer Goats, Shelley and Jerrimy Clark

Seven A Plus Boer Goats

Drew Gough, Dee Gee Goats

Frances Morton and Pauline Chambers, 3 Eagles Ranch

Ryan and Jana Roberts, Atley Boer Goats

Jerry & Terry Brown, Capriole Boer Goats

Big Rock Candy Mountain Farm

Copper Creek Boer Goats

Gorge-Us Boer Goats 

Jack and Anita Mauldin

Krystal Clemmons at Clemmons Summitview Boers

South African Boer Goats

Stabler Farms

Texas Boer Goats

Toboton Creek Goats

White Forest Boer Goats

Whitehouse Farm

Leaning Tree Boer Goat  Farm

Dawn and Pat Lantz

Cathy Gudgel and Tom Growenewal, Double G Organic Farm,

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We test regularly.  All our animals have tested negative for CL, CAE and Johne's.
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Jack and Anita Mauldin

South African Boer Goats

Texas Boer Goats

Heritage Meats, Rochester, WA

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