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Nutritional Information
Chevon, Capretto, Cabrito or Goat - it's what's for dinner at our house!
Per 3 oz. Cooked

Calories      122162    179180 175
Fat (g)         2.6        6.3            7.9         8.2         8.1
Sat Fat (g)          0.79       1.7            3            2.9         2.9
Protein (g)           23          25            25           25         24
Cholesterol (mg) 63.8       76            73.1        73.1       78.2

Data from: USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 14 (July 2001)

Chevon, Capretto, Cabrito or Goat
Low in Calories, Fat and Colesterol
High in Nutritional Value

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We enjoy the beneficial health qualities of goat meat or Chevon (northern Europe), Capretto (Australian & Southern Europe), Cabrito (Hispanic).   We have finally discovered the delicious recipes using goat meat that 70 percent of the world has enjoyed for centuries!  

Please visit our recipe page to see how we prepare our goat meat meals.

At Richard and Sandy's Boer Goat Farm, we process from field to table.  Richard makes our sausage, pepperoni, goat burger, roasts, chops and, of course, those famous ribs!  That is part of the reason that we are so concerned about the health and the quality of feed for our animals.  We are raising what will be prepared and served at our table and fed to our family and friends.

Goat meat has high nutritional value and is low fat and cholesterol.  It is truly the healthy red meat that we love for breakfast (Richard's sausage links or patties), lunch (usually a soup or stew) and dinner.  We cook goat meat just like any other meat from stir fry, to barbeque to roasting or slowly simmered in the crock pot.
3 oz cooked
Calories  122
Fat (g)  2.6
Sat Fat (g)  0.79
Protien (g)  23
Cholesterol (mg)  63.8Chicken
3 oz cooked
Calories  162
Fat (g)  6.3
Sat Fat (g)  1.7
Protien (g)  25
Cholesterol (mg)  76Beef
3 oz cooked  
Calories  179
Fat (g)  7.9
Sat Fat (g)  3
Protien (g)  25
Cholesterol (mg)  73.1Pork
3 oz cooked
Calories  180
Fat (g)  8.2
Sat Fat (g)  2.9
Protien (g)  25 
Cholesterol (mg)  73.1
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