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Stud service may be provided at our farm.  You will need to provide proof of the doe testing negative for CAE, CL and Johnes on test results dated within 30 days of arriving at our farm.  You will need to complete internal and external parasite control within one week of arriving at our farm.  Animals showing any signs of parasites, abscess or sores, illness, unacceptable condition or disease will not be accepted

We require the above-mentioned actions to protect all animals involved.  We want to do everything we can to provide a safe environment for your animals when they visit our farm.  While at our farm, your animals will be on our feeding and care program, please be sure that the doe(s) can tolerate free fed Boer Goat Developer, Chaffhaye and Alfalfa.  Our bucks work hard and they require ample feed to stay in shape during breeding season.  In the unfortunate circumstance that injury or illness will affect your animal during the visit, the owner of the animal will be responsible for all vet bills and care.

Stud fee for AABG NBD End Run is $350.00, Tino is $150.00, Sweet T is $150.00, plus $1.50 per day per doe board to help cover the feed and bedding.  We know our buck works because we use our buck to breed our does; we do not guarantee that your doe will become pregnant, and we do not offer free rebreeding if she does not breed.  Terms are subject to change as needed.

We also have semen for sale for that all-important A.I. program that will take your farm to the next level. 

Quality coming & going
We test regularly.  All our animals have tested negative for CL and CAE.
AABG NBD END RUN (10714473)
Born: 9/3/2015

Sire: AABG NBD BLURRED VISION **SIRE OF MERIT** 6/2016 (10648960)

Dam: AABG SC4 MARGRET (10704215)

AABG NBD End Run purchased from Able Acres

RNSH DOT TINO (10722063)
Born: 4/17/2016

Sire: RNSH VALENTINO (10464234)


RNSH SWEET T-66 (10722060)
DOB: 4/17/2016

Sire: TARZAN T66 **ENNOBLED** 10/2011 (10126216)