Quality coming & going
We test regularly.  All our animals have tested negative for CL, CAE and Johne's.
In October 2011 we were part of an export to the Philippines.  It was a great experience and we are thankful to all that made it happen!
Dr. Pete, thank you for your expertise, patience and thoroughness.
Judy thank you for everything you did all along the way.
Pat, Dawn and Sheridan, thank you in general.
Justin and Caprice, thank you for helping with the logistics.

The following bucklings are now located in the Philippines.
We are very proud to have been part of this exciting process and happy to have our herd bloodlines in another country.
We are sure these boys will do us proud!

RNSH Doll's Criminal, DOB 3/12/2011
RNSH Guido, DOB 3/8/2011
RNSH Don't Quit, DOB 5/15/2011
RNSH Don't Do It, DOB 5/15/2011

And this great experience continues in April 2012 with two more Buckings

RNSH Bandit Born July 20, 2011
RNSH Goober Born July 20, 2011

Dr. Pete and his son sanitized the trailer, checked each goat during loading and then sealed the trailer.
Sheridan and LitoSheridan and Lito at Lance's Farm looking at the beautiful goats.  Lito has a lot of fine animals to choose from.Judy discussing goats with Lito.Sandy showing off one of the boysOur girls doing what they do best, resting.Richard talking "goat" to Lito.

These pictures were provided by Pat Lantz.  Judy showed Lito goat farms around the state and farther on out.  She did a great job and we enjoyed their visit.  Judy and Lito visited Pat, Dawn and Sheridan at Remuda Nubians/Rizin' Moon Boer Ranch and then Pat, Dawn and Sheridan joined Judy and Lito on the visit to our farm. 
Dr. Emar Custodio from the Philippines contacted us to let us know that he purchased RNSH Don't Quit (Lucas is his new name) from the export.
We were so happy to get pictures of our boy at his new home in the Philippines.  My how he has grown!
I think Dr. Emar Custodio must be a very good goat farmer!  Lucas looks like he has grown into a fine buck!
RNSH Don't Quit, not quite 3 months old
RNSH Don't Do It, not quite 3 months old
Coming soon. . .
Bandit at 3 months oldBandit at 3 months oldRNSH Bandit 12/31/2011 - 5 months oldRNSH Bandit 12/31/2011 - 5 months old
RNSH Bandit & RNSH Goober
Born July 20, 2011
Bandit is dual registered ABGA and USBGA, RNSH Goober is ABGA registered
Their sire is Amani Wilbur, imported from Australia in 2007.  Their dam is RNSH Coaco's Pretty Pistol.
RNSH Bandit and RNSH Goober are headed for the Philippines in April 2012.
Click the sign below to see Daddy's pedigree
RNSH Goober, 5 months old 12/31/2011RNSH Goober, 5 months old 12/31/2011RNSH Goober, 5 months old 12/31/2011RNSH Goober & RNSH Bandit, 5 months old 12/31/2011